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Nathaniel Lawson DMD PhD is the Director of the Division of Biomaterials at the University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry and the program director of the Biomaterials residency program. He graduated from UAB School of Dentistry in 2011 and obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering in 2012. His research interests are the mechanical, optical, and biologic properties of dental materials and clinical evaluation of new dental materials. He has published over 200 peer reviewed articles, book chapters, and research abstracts. He was the 2016 recipient of the Stanford New Investigator Award and the 2017 Innovative Research Fellowship both from the American Dental Association.  He served on the American Dental Association Council of Scientific Affairs and is on the editorial board of The Journal of Adhesive Dentistry and Compendium. He has lectured nationally and internationally on the subject of dental materials. He also works as a general dentist in the UAB Faculty Practice.



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90% of crowns and bridges are now fabricated from a ceramic material according to a report from one of the largest US dental laboratories.  Ceramic materials do not handle the same as metal-based restorations and improper selection or handling can lead to premature failure.  This course will teach you how to select and handle different types of ceramic materials that are currently used in dentistry that will be much less confusing than typical marketing rhetoric.  The ability to bond these dental ceramics allows the practitioner to perform more conservative tooth preparations.  As there are many different types of dental ceramics available (zirconia, lithium disilicate, porcelain, processed composite, etc), determining the correct protocol for each type of ceramic can be confusing.  This lecture aims to simplify the process of bonding ceramics and provide the clinician with a protocol that can be used to bond any type of dental ceramic.  In this course, we will review the best clinical practices based on research studies conducted at the UAB School of Dentistry and provide pearls for you to take back to the office.

OBJECTIVES: At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Review the different types of dental ceramic materials

  • Choose a ceramic material for anterior restorations

  • Prepare and design considerations for posterior crowns and bridges

  • Strategize to adjust, polish and cut off ceramic crowns

  • Review the indications for bonding dental ceramics

  • Present a protocol for preparing the surface of ceramic crowns (ie etching, sandblasting, priming, cleaning)

  • Classify the types of cements used for adhesive bonding

AGD Subject Code: 250 Operative (Restorative) Dentistry

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